Our Products

Chain clamps are used for the fast connection of two pipes by means of conical flanges. A centering ring with elastomer O-ring or a metallic seal is used for sealing.

Our vacuum range covers all usual standards: Smallflange, ISO-Konusflange,  ISO-Klammerflange and the UHV suited CF flange. Our chain clamps are suitable to reach high contact pressures for the flanges of the KF and ISO-Konus series, for example to use with metallic seals.Of course, we stock suitable seals for our flange range, too.


Our O-ring range covers all usual sizes, which are used in the vacuum field.

Our flat seals are producible in nearly all possible seal forms and sealing rim forms.

Helicoflex®, the spring elastic metal seal, combines the advantages of an elastomer seal and a metal seal. It is a metal O-ring with high elasticity. The extremely favorable pressing and return spring behavior of the Helicoflex® seal can be compared nearly with an elastomer seal, whereby the typical characteristics of a metal seal remains.


Technetics QDS - Quick Disconnect System, the chain clamp system from Technetics, which was developed for the use with Helicoflex® seals.

Membrane bellows are used to level of axial, lateral and angle movements (or their combination) in the vacuum -, ultra high vacuum or pressure range.
Moreover, they are used in linear feed throughs and handling systems.

A small selection of special parts, which we were allowed to implement for our customers.
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