Conical flange connections with chain clamps


The increasing requirements for quick disconnect flange systems entail a constant technical improvement on this sector.

Chains clamps for canonical flange connections, offered by us, have following outstanding characteristics and advantages in the comparison with screwing flange connections (DIN or similar): 

  • Minimum installation space
  • Minimum installation volume
  • Minimum weight of the complete flange connection
  • Simple assembly also in badly accessible places
  • No loose parts such as screws, washers or nuts
  • No tool necessary by construction with handwheel
  • Manipulator assembly/disassembly possible
  • Integrated safty lock
  • The use of metal seals possible
  • Very high seal and clamp forces are distributed evenly and transferred over the entire extent


  • Vacuum / Ultra high vacuum
  • Nuclear technology
  • Cryo technology
  • Chemistry
  • plant construction
  • equipment manufacturing
  • process engineering
  • machine construction
  • Rohrleitungsbau
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Laboratory technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Extruder construction
  • Conveyor plants for pasty media

Design  parameters

  • Dimension of size DN 10 mm up to several meters possible
  • Temperatures from -272°C to approx. 800°C
  • Pressure from ultra high vacuum to 1000 bar and more
  • Acid and rust-steady construction
  • Nonmagnetic construction
  • For radioactive environment suitable construction

Seal types

  • Elastomer centering seals as combined centering and sealing element (inside or outside centers)
  • Metal knife edge seals as center and sealing element (inside or outside centers)
  • Helicoflex® metal seals
  • In special cases without sealing element


Typical materials for chain clamps:

  • Stainless steel: 1.4429, 1.4435
  • Anticorodal / Certal
  • High-strength, temperature-steady, alloyed case-hardening steels

Typical materials for flanges:

  • Stainless steel: 1.4435, 1.4429, 1.4301, 1.4306 or similar
  • Anticorodal / Certal

Typical materials for seals:

  • FKM and other elastomers
  • All metallic materials suitable for case of application
Special materials are available on request.

Construction Calculation

The construction and calculation of chain clamps and metal seals take place in our house.
Important data as basis for calculation are:

Pressure, Temperature/Thermal shock, Media, given clamp or sealing force, given material, desired tightness level of the flange connection, selected safety factor, external forces such as axial/radial forces, Torques, Vibrations, Pressure pulsation. 

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