flat seal

Flat seals are used when it's impossible to use elastomer seals. For example, aggressive process gases, high temperatures, high radiation-proofness or also low outgas rates, just to call some.

A high vacuum tightness can be achieved with a flat seal. Furthermore, the flanges are simple to manufacture because only a flat sealing surface is needed. No groove is nedded as used with a O-ring and no knife as used on the CF flange, too.

Our flat seals are producible in nearly all possible seal forms and sealing rim forms. A flat seal is simple and  reliable .


Material:                Copper, silver plated

sealing level:          < 1 * 10E-10 mbar*l/s

Tightening load:      >200 N pro mm Dichtlippe

Temperature:          -271°C bis max. +300°C

Thickness:                1.0 mm 

Drawing of the installation

We gladly advise you to find the best flat seal for your application.
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