Company profile

The PROPHYSIK company is a flexible, independent enterprise, which understands itself as competent partner in sealing and fitting technology. During the establishment in the year 1975 the managing director set his whole confidence into the technology of the full metallic seal as well as into other new technologies for trend-setting applications.

"quality, stock availability as well as realistic prices in boom and recession phases" - These characteristics stand behind the successful business philosophy of the Prophysik company.

In co-operation with renowned international pioneer companies, existing technologies are improved gradually, in order to follow the higher requirements of the market and set new impulses. The innovative products of the delivery program are state of the art and are characterised by a maximum of application types, reliable in the most diverse areas of application.

The main product groups of the delivery program are outlined as follows:

  • Sealing (full metal, teflon/plastic and elastomer seals)
  • Fitting technology (quick disconnections with chains clamps)
  • Bellows and bellows assamblies
  • Linear drives and feed throughs
  • Composite construction parts from metals, ceramics and special materials
  • Recipients und vessels
  • Mechanical components, parts and instruments
  • CAD-construction / engineering / projects

The standard program covers a far spectrum of required profiles, as:
chemical resistance, high pressure -, high temperature and cryo capabilities, food resistance, fulfilment of nuclear regulations and so on.
Due to our flexibility and experience of many years, we are in the position to offer suitable, to the operating conditions and requirements adapted special designs apart from the standard program.

Quality standards:
Our delivery program includes several product groups of different manufacturers from Europe beside the internal. A certified QA system predominantly exists after ISO/EN by our suppliers. Our marketing system guarantees a continuous observation for the quality guidelines of the manufacturers.

Don't hesitate to contact us for futher information or for a solution for a specific problem.

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